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"I'm a very active 55-year-old guy. I put in 30 years as a firefighter. I play tennis almost daily and love to sail offshore, activities that have taken their toll on my body. I've had chronic back and neck pain for years. Corinne has worked hard to correct my posture, relieve trigger points and teach me how to stretch properly, which resolved my pain and allowing me to live an active, healthy life style. I recommend her highly to everyone I speak to that might benefit from her awesome skills."    
- Ed C.  Scottsdale, AZ

"I suffered a stroke 6 years ago and my right hand and arm has been curled into my body in a position which made every movement difficult. Although I have had extensive therapy of all kinds for my righxt side, I found Corinne's knowledge and touch to be beyond any therapy that I had been through in the past. With a 90-minute treatment, working on 'trigger points', I was able to uncurl my hand, straighten out my wrist and turn both my hand and forearm with more mobility than I had ever experienced. I truly feel that there is no limit as to how far I can go now in rehabbing my right side, particularly my hand, wrist and arm, even after 6 years. Corinne gave me specific exercises to continue at home and after 2 more visits to her, I experienced the feeling of energy flowing into my arm and hand. I will continue sessions with her, and highly recommend Corinne as a caring, highly trained and supportive therapist with a special touch. "
- Nancy K. Sedona, AZ (78 years )

"I have to give a HUGE thank you to Corinne! I had injured my hip and was in pretty bad pain for two months before I met her. Corinne was so caring and reassuring that she could help me feel better and run again. The pain had reduced by at least half a few days after the first session, and… I could walk without a limp finally! Corinne gave me two easy stretches to perform on my own until I saw her a week later. By the second time I saw her I was able to run again, although slowly. Corinne was so knowledgeable about the muscles and tightness that was causing my pain in the hip! She took time to explain the issue to me so that I understood what she was doing and how it would help me! The stretches she taught me greatly helped release the tension in my legs and still keep me injury free. I am so grateful that I met Corinne! She is absolutely amazing and a wonderful person!"
- John K. Scottsdale, AZ

"My first visit to Corinne as a patient suffering from a long-time torn rotator cuff turned out to be the best therapy I received in over 2 years of searching for some relief. After at least 8 to 10 weeks of other therapies, I received a one-hour treatment with Corinne. I had been unable to lift my right arm above my shoulder without pain, could not brush or curl my hair and had to raise my right arm with my left hand if I had to lift any weight at all, even a coffee mug. I could not open jars, pick up a book, reach to open a cupboard or even swing my arm while walking without pain and discomfort.

I walked out of my very first session with vastly increased mobility in my right shoulder and no pain. I immediately booked a second session and can now lift my arm straight above my head, pick up heavier weight and have more mobility in the shoulder than I have had in a decade. I intend to continue therapy with Corinne for not only my torn rotator cuff, but also other problems such as spinal stenosis, and low back pain, and a stiff neck due to arthritis.

I am 76 years old, have had arthritic joint since my mid-40's and am now enjoying a much-improved quality of life due to Corinne's extensive knowledge and therapeutic methods."
- Judi T. Prescott, AZ

"I was having physical therapy when my therapist recommended that I have a deep muscle massage with Corinne. I have to say, at first I was hesitant because my physical therapist had made such amazing improvements to my physical body I couldn't imagine being able to feel much better, but I thought it was worth a try. I went to Corinne with the thought in mind it would be a one-time visit with perhaps an occasional visit when I felt it was necessary. After spending only one hour with Corinne working on my muscles I knew this was something my body definitely needed. We decided I would do a weekly visit for five weeks then see how I was doing and perhaps come in once or twice a month thereafter. Her ability to know just how to work out the stiff areas in my muscles and her strength in getting down into the depth of my muscle tightness is amazing. I had polio as a child and recently had a hip replacement and after the first visit I was able to move in ways I haven't experienced in years. If you have never experienced a deep muscle, therapeutic massage you have no idea how wonderful it will make you feel. I would highly recommend to anyone whether you are having any physical problems or not, your body will love you and you will love Corinne's expertise."
- Diana B.  Scottsdale, AZ

"I have used Corinne for a number of services: therapeutic massage, sports massage, and myofascial release. Her skill in those areas has already been well documented by others. I wanted to focus on her work with me on my Functional Movement Assessment (FMC) and corrective exercises.

I am in my late 40's and an avid CrossFitter. I engaged with Corinne to accomplish two things: 1) to stay injury-free and 2) to improve my performance. One strategy we are using to accomplish these goals is the FMC. Corinne did a baseline assessment of my flexibility and then prescribed a series of exercises to correct imbalances and shortcomings. My follow-up assessment proved the exercises worked; I met or exceeded my baseline across the board. I continue to set new personal records (recently even beating a personal record I set in college) and feel fantastic. My flexibility continues to improve and we are working on even tougher goals. I appreciate the time and effort she puts into the process and her continued coaching. I never would have imagined that I would be getting stronger and faster at my age and I think Corinne's work is a big reason for that."
- Matt A. Scottsdale, AZ

"Corinne’s compassion and expertise have been tremendously helpful. Her treatments have vastly improved my quality of life after a car accident. I am truly grateful for her help and appreciate how well she has partnered with my physical therapy protocol."
- Alice B. Scottsdale, AZ

"I had chronic shoulder and neck issues that were not just painful, but were affecting my ability to play my best golf. I had 4 sessions with Corinne and through assisted stretching and movement exercises I have full range of motion and can play pain free. I'm now looking forward to the start of my season!"
- Blake I. Phoenix, AZ

“Corinne has been instrumental in helping me optimize my recovery, prevent injury, and deal with specific injuries and areas of immobility.  Between sessions, Corinne works hard to find creative ways to tailor treatment to each athlete and specific areas of concern.  After each session, I feel better prepared for the next WOD and or competition.  Thanks, Corinne!”
- Frank S. Phoenix, AZ

I just wanted to write how impressed I was with Corinne and Crossport Movement Therapy. I went in to see Corinne with lower back pain. After a couple of sessions she had me walking without pain again. She is very knowledgeable on what she is doing. You will go through a series of stretches and exercises while you are there. She will give you simple things to do at home as well. This is a very important step in the therapy, and trusts me she can tell if you are doing them or not. As a bonus I had her write me an invoice to turn in to Aflac and they paid me for the visits. Win-Win with Corinne.
- Jamey McNaughton Scottsdale, AZ

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