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About Your Therapist

Corinne was born and raised in Normandie, France. She came to the States at 20 years old and graduated as a Physician Assistant. Corinne studied biomechanics and the benefits of moving and playing sports, as well as natural and preventative medicine. She pursued her interest in Sport Therapy and Bodywork.

With her medical background, experience in fitness training, and bodywork therapy, she has a unique ability to assess clients and combine the most beneficial therapeutic techniques. 

She works mostly with athletes, but also with less active individuals. Clients with aches and pains, clients with injuries, and those looking to prevent injuries. Clients simply wanting to improve mobility and flexibility, and and improve performance in their athletic activities, or in their everyday functional movements.

Her motto is, “move better, reach higher for peak performance.”

In addition to being a Licensed Bodywork Therapist, she is an athlete and a Fitness Trainer certified in the following:
Bodywork Certifications
Level -1 and Level -2 Functional Movement Screening
Corrective Exercises
NeuroKinetic Therapy

Training Certifications
CrossFit Level-1
CrossFit Endurance
Personal Training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine

Additional Training
Russian Sports Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy

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